Reiki Healing with Chakra Balancing

Reiki is an ancient gentle form of hands-on-energy healing which has its own consciousness and energy vibration. Reiki is a journey which helps you to heal from within so that you can surrender all that does not support or serve you well. By dissolving the emotional blockages, Reiki helps you to rediscover those lost parts of yourself so that you can connect to your core essence and align yourself to your true potential. The flow of energy in our chakras can become sluggish due to trauma, mental and emotional imbalances, sickness, and unhealed relationships. This results in low energy levels and restlessness. Stress and uncertainty in our lives can leave us feeling fearful and challenged, throwing us out of balance. A combination of Reiki, chakra balancing, aura clearing and crystal healing helps our clients to restore calm, focus and harmony in their lives. My distant Reiki healing sessions are just as profound and beneficial as the hands-on-sessions and it allows you to heal from home in your own sacred safe space whilst I connect to you through intuition, visualisation and Reiki.

Spiritual Wellbeing and Intuitive Healing

We never know what life has in store for us, yet we continue to live with the day-to-day challenges and the confusion these challenges bring. We try to transcend from our suffering, by shifting from limitations of the mind and to go beyond. For many, our spiritual path has become the central focus of our journey allowing us to unfold and progress according to the awareness of soul. Our spiritual wellbeing and intuitive healing sessions are based on ancient wisdom for a modern-day life and it is personalised to give individuals more direction in life. I guide our clients through various healing processes which allows them to shift from a reactive mind to a responsive heart. We explore and expand the consciousness to uncover one’s true essence and potential. A healing session includes a combination of inner work on subtle energies, the mind/heart connect and deep chakra work to harmonise the spiritual, physical and emotional imbalances.


Meditation cannot be truly described, it has to be experienced. It is a simple process yet not fully understood. Whilst some prefer to sit in a sacred place to meditate, others may choose a more informal environment, such as going for a walk, at the office, doing yoga or sitting alone in silence. Meditation can be done in any space and at any time. Meditation allows us to move from the various levels of complexities of the mind to the simplicity of the heart. When the heart is at peace, the mind is at rest, and the noise and chaos of the world becomes calm. My meditation classes incorporate ancient wisdom from Eastern and Buddhist philosophy and the masters of the Himalayas. Sessions involve visualisations, heartfulness, divine feminine healing, breathwork techniques and chakra awakenings. These meditations help to liberate the mind and body from physical suffering, mental illness, stress, burnout, emotional trauma, immunity imbalances and helps to discover a calmer and more relaxed approach to life. I provide divinely guided meditations which are personalised to facilitate one’s process of deep emotional clearing, so that you can connect to your true self and enhance your transformation. My heart-centred meditations help you to shift from a conflicted mind to a responsive heart, to become more compassionate, to practice loving-kindness, enhancing your clarity, insight and wisdom for living consciously.

Intuitive Oracle Card Readings

During times of uncertainty or confusion one reaches out for more divinely guided clarity to bring some direction and focus in their lives. I use a variation of oracle cards, which includes angel, goddess, crystals and archangel cards, to channel intuitive guidance from your masters, guides and angels so that you will feel more empowered to move forward in the direction of your own flow.


Our approach to wellness does not follow any diets but rather the ancient holistic form of wellness, Ayurveda and yoga – which are sister sciences. Ayurvedic wellness is based on the simple principles of daily routine, health, doshas and yoga which supports a natural way of living. An Ayurvedic lifestyle improves your dietary choices, strengthens your immunity and restores the health of your mind and body. The various practices of yoga are aligned to your body type, and dosha, which help to cleanse and detoxify your mental, physical and spiritual states. We offer personalised Ayurvedic programmes for healing and wellbeing.

Conscious Pregnancy

Motherhood can be life changing… mentally, physically and emotionally. How do you prepare yourself and release past traumas and imbalances even before conception? How do you reclaim and restore your emotional and physical wellbeing during your journey without disconnecting from the amazing processes and experiences of pregnancy? Let me guide and support you on this intimate journey with a program curated for your wellbeing through energy balancing, Ayurvedic or natural living, breathwork, Reiki healing, meditation and yoga.

Conscious Living

Chasing slow is about learning how to slow down and still be productive, whether you are working for yourself, a stay-at-home mom or a high-end corporate individual. It is about understanding that faster isn’t necessarily better and instead of chasing life, to rather flow with it. Conscious living is about learning how to connect and focus on yourself, your family and your life in a more joyful and fulfilling way. Conscious living helps us to appreciate life by paying more attention to our relationships and becoming more disciplined and productive in our daily lives, which in turn prevents stress and burnout. Our conscious living coaching sessions are individually designed to help you live with more meaning and purpose and with less stress and anxiety from life’s constant pressures. It is based on ancient wisdom for modern living and is personalised for each client to experience the benefits of slowing down.

Urban Consciousness Yoga

Our approach to yoga incorporates a yogic lifestyle, which incorporates pranayama, asanas (poses) and meditation. Our yoga classes are modelled from hatha, vinyasa and chakra yoga techniques, which help support you to stretch fully, breathe properly and rest deeply – creating balance between mind and body. We understand the craziness and hustle of urban living and have created a practice to allow you to experience this hurried lifestyle with grace and gratitude. Come journey with us as we grow together, expand our awareness and live from a place of consciousness, love and happiness.