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Divine Feminine Being Retreat – Udaipur, India

Date: 25 – 30 April 2024

Soften, restore and connect to the Divine Feminine Being

The Feminine Being luxury retreat is hosted at Devigarh, an 18th century palace, which is nestled in the Aravalli Hills in Udaipur, India. This retreat is a gathering of women on a journey of softening gracefully from within into a path that is joyful and rich in wisdom. A woman’s deepest healing can be found in the natural unfolding of her feminine heart. When she untangles from the projections and judgments of life, she is able to shift from the shields that is built around her divine essence and walk her natural path with ease and love.

We offer you a beautiful space embodied with the richness of the ancient Goddess energy to rest, nurture and heal in a way that nourishes your soul. By gracefully growing in an organic way, you allow yourself to restore your Divine essence. Feminine healing cradles a woman’s womb energy and grounds her in the comfort of her true radiant self, bringing fulfilment and a deep connect to her heart and inner self.

Our six-day retreat, allows you to soften, restore and connect back to your Feminine Being through daily workshops, yoga, meditation, women’s connect
circles, nourishing organic foods, nature walks, spa treatments and lots of rest.

This retreat is super special as Holistic Healing Connection celebrates our 35th retreat since we started hosting retreats in 2011. To celebrate, we are pouring so
much of extra love and experiences into this journey – so come join us!

Essence of The Heart – Jodhpur, India

Date: To be confirmed

“When the wisdom of the heart replaces the chatter of the mind, the power of love flows.”

Our everyday experiences require us to take down our defences, soften the hard edges of the heart and find some strength and courage to acknowledge our vulnerability. We take so many different journeys in our lives, yet the journey from the head to the heart is probably the most difficult one. Our Essence of the Heart retreat is held in an exotic urban lifestyle luxury hotel, in Jodhpur, India and offers amazing healing and wellness journeys rich in tradition. Our daily retreat program allows you to quiet the mind and connect to the heart. The days begin with sunrise yoga and meditation to boost your happiness and is filled with the richness of self-healing workshops, creative visualisations, breath work to expand the heart energy and rituals for a happier, healthier life. Explore cultural and food journeys in the blue city during your leisure time and create experiences which will imprint your life.

Healing in The Himalayas – Rishikesh, India

Date: 28 April 2023 – 3 May 2023

“The practice of showing up for yourself each day and being there for you is daily devotion to you. This is what allows you to live more fully and be free to choose”

Each time you pause you are going on a journey of self discovery to devote time to your spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing before your tank runs on empty. Life is always communicating with us, giving us warning signs when we are not aligned to our true essence. The more we tune in and read the signs, the more flow we have in our lives.

I invite you to journey with me on a six day retreat in the Himalayas Mountains, India, to discover the joy of being present and of self discovery. During our days of slow living, we will be supported by a space that is designed to free the mind, whilst we inhale fresh air, meditate, attend yoga, go for long walks and enjoy workshops. Ayurvedic foods are prepared with locally organic items and the treatments are all personalised to suit your body type and element.

The Way of Awareness retreat is about finding something that’s missing and opening yourself beyond limitations. During our pause, we will focus on the spiritual pillars of wellbeing and healing to nourish the mind, body and soul. We will align ourselves to ancient wisdom practices of non-duality, self enquiry teachings and Vedanta.

Energy Exchange:

USD 1 850.00 Twinsharing
USD 2 200.00 Single Occupancy

Heart Wisdom Retreat – Bhutan

Date:1 – 8 December 2024

The spiritual heart is the ‘meeting place’ for those who wish yo relate to life in a sacred manner.

Embark on a transformative journey with the Heart Wisdom Retreat, an immersive experience of self-inquiry, silence, and stillness of the mind and heart in the sacred landscapes of Bhutan.

This retreat offers a profound exploration of meditation and the deep inner transformations it can bring. Over the course of eight days, you will surrender, release, and discover heightened states of consciousness. Our days will be spent in serene forests, ancient meditation caves, and tranquil monasteries, learning from the wisdom of ancient monks. Embrace time-honored meditation techniques designed to calm the mind, transcend the ego, and integrate the wisdom of the Spiritual Heart, fostering greater presence and stillness in your life.

The Heart Wisdom Retreat guides you on a path to the Spiritual Heart, our true sanctuary—a space of quiet, intuition, inspiration, love, and spirituality. It is a place beyond the comprehension of the mind, where those seeking a more sacred connection to life can find profound peace.

Join us in Bhutan, the land of happiness and bliss. Nestled in the Himalayan mountains between India and Tibet, Bhutan offers the perfect backdrop to disconnect from everyday life and embrace a journey of happiness, connection, and spiritual joy.

The Path of the Heart Retreat – Sri Lanka

Date: 28 June – 3 July 2024

“A new momentum of heart consciousness is unfolding and I am inviting you to slow down and ease into an inner state where you can engage the heart and the mind to move through the rhythms of life.”

Each time you pause you are rebalancing your life and taking a step towards reconnecting with yourself and all that matters most. When we slow down, we can
devote time to our wellbeing and we are able to create daily practices so our tank does not run on empty. Life is always communicating with us, giving us warning signs when we are not aligned to our true essence. The more we tune in and read the signs the more flow we have in our lives. It is so important for us to listen to our soul’s whispers and truths, reconnect to our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing and to heal those lost parts of ourselves. Now more than ever its time to come back home to ourselves, back into our heart space and live a life of more meaning and connect.

I invite you to journey with me on a six day Path to the Heart Retreat at Santani Wellness Resort in Sri Lanka. This luxurious resort has been voted Best Wellness Retreat, and is tucked away in the highly energising Sri Lankan forests, amongst heritage sites and luscious tea plantations.

During our six days of slow living we will be supported by a space that is designed to free the mind. Move between outdoor and indoor experiences, whilst we inhale fresh air, meditate, practice yoga, go for long hikes, enjoy workshops, heal with a tea ceremony, rest and harmonize the mind and body. The authentic spa treatments and practices will rejuvenate your mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. You can enjoy healthy, nutritious and delicious meals which are
personalised and carefully prepared with locally organic foods which enhances deep inner healing as your mind and gut is nourished.

During our pause, we will focus on the four pillars of wellbeing and healing to nourish the mind, body and soul. From space comes flow, from connection comes confidence, from love comes compassion, from wisdom comes transcendence.

Energy Exchange:

Single occupancy – USD 3790.00

Twin-sharing occupancy – USD 3000.00

The Path to the Heart – Rishikesh, India

Date: 19th – 24th September 2024

“Finding stillness within.”

Our six day retreat is an invitation for you to discover the joy of calm and solitude whilst connecting to the essence of the heart. This is a beautiful opportunity to remove yourself from your everyday life and embrace a journey of inner connect. When you quieten the mind and open the heart you will be in full presence to listen to your inner wisdom.

Our retreat is hosted in a serene, luxury retreat hotel in Rishikesh, the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains. Our days will be filled with inspiration, silence, daily walks, trekking in the Himalayas, yoga and meditation, workshops and a wellness spa program designed personally for you by our Ayurvedic doctors. The pure vegetarian meals are carefully prepared to support your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing which regulates imbalances and illness.

I will guide you through beautiful meditations and breath work and hold energy space for you whilst you dive deeper into yourself. You will learn how to connect to your inner self and your higher self with deep practices of self healing and you will gain insights from ancient wisdom to connect to your spiritual heart. Our retreat gives you a safe sacred space of non-judgement as you come home to yourself.